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Midori Suika ((Green Watermelon)) by YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 Midori Suika ((Green Watermelon)) :iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 1 1
Yang x Male Reader. Taking Over the World....
...While riding a shopping cart.
Anwyas before I start this little one shot I would like to say that, I haven't really thought on you know continuing the Sacrifice One Makes fic but I'll give it a try if I see people want it really.
It was a normal day at Vail, well as normal as it could get after the crazy incident a few weeks back were a woman tried to take over the world using loads of grim and a grim drake but was stopped by someone throwing a shoe at the drake making it lose control of its flight which in turn made the tower said woman was in collaps before anyone could get in to fight her.
 And who throw that shoe? You may ask, well it happened to be young (F/N) who in reality didn't throw the shoe on purpose. You see at the time of said shoe stopping action. Our young hero was actually saving his sunshine from doing a great impression of Buzz lightyear after he jumped from second floor. So what lead
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 27 5
Yang Xiao Long RWBY Drawing by YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 Yang Xiao Long RWBY Drawing :iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 8 3
Making Things Right Part 1
Ok Guys this is the third and last Fic from "The Path on Takes" Saga and I have to say  
thanks for all the support I mean I'm not a writer hell its a Miracle that I written two stories that actually make some sense and are not just one paragraph like "The Path One Takes" if you can call it a paragraph that is, but anyway to not only write but that some of you guys like it it blows my mind and I can't say how happy it makes me to see that you guys like something I made so for that I'm forever grateful to you guys. So without further delay let's start with the story.
(Male Reader PoV)
       As I was walking away from them, all of the memories I had with them all of the special moments we shared came to me like a flight train and tears started to flow from my eyes as a gentle smile graced my face and in that moment I decided that even if to them I don't exist even if I'm a faceless stranger a face in the crow
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 6 1
Strange Things Chap 4
Sorry for the long wait guys I can't make an excuse for it other that I lost some of the hype or passion i had for Naruto, I mean don't get me wrong I love Naruto to death but with the endless fillers and the manga ending I was put off it but then I re-read the first three chapters and I was like, Dude, Bro. Bastard get off your ass and make another chapter for this series, so here it is.
" " Speaking 
( ) Thoughts
(Moments after the spar) (Reader PoV)
      I was rubbing my cheek for the hundredth time today because little miss I'm going to get revenge on you for doing the Dodge thing to her first.
(I promise to all things holy that I will get revenge on that brat for this) I thought to myself as I continue to rub my cheek but then a turned and looked at the brat that punched me in the first place and I can't help but smile as I see that happy smile she has on her face as she is walking besides me and I can't he
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 6 2
Kane Richards by YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 Kane Richards :iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 0 2
The Things We Sacrifice
Ok guys this is A Yang x Male Reader and this is a prequel to my other fic "The Path One Takes" because someone asked me to do it and I'm on a small vacation on school so yeah anyways let's get to the story.
(M/R point of view)
    I was running urging myself to move faster pushing Ruby's semblance to its maximum potential so I could arrive at time, for me to get to my firefly before her light gets put out, and as I thought about all that I subconsciously started to us Weiss's glyphs with Ruby's speed to propel me towards Yang, were I can faintly sense her aura and she is fighting some Grimm and not to far from her I can sense Blake's aura getting week as each moment that passes so I mad out my mind and started to head towards Blake hoping that I arrive in time.
(Scene Change) (Blake Point of View)
Adam: (Cold Tone) I will destroy everything you love... Starting with her. * walks towards Blake and stabs her in the stomach*
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 12 18
The Rouge and The Dragon
Yang Xioa Long x Male Reader
(Reader Point of view)
         I was walking the streets of this small village as some of the citizens send me strange or menacing looks as I walk past them but I didn't pay them no mind as I move towards my destination to see one of my best friends and reason for me to continue being a "good guy" as some would put it.
        As I came closer to the house i cought the sight of a person waiting in the front door of the house and as I got close the person spoke to me.
Taiyang: (Angry look) You have a lot of balls for coming kid.
(M/R): (Sarcastic tone of voice) Good to see you to pops, but I'm not here to see you so if you could just let enter that would be great.
Taiyang: (Even more pissed off) The hell I will kid, not after the stunt you pulled back at vale, do you actually think I would let you any ware near my daughter?
(M/R): * rubs his his nose with his
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 26 19
Ruby Rose (Random Drawing) by YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 Ruby Rose (Random Drawing) :iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 2 3 Ruby Rose by YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 Ruby Rose :iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 37 3
The Path One Takes
The Path One Takes (Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long ) Read the Description.
    Let me ask you, have you ever made a mistake that you wish you have not made? Tell me did that mistake cost you the love and trust of your teammates, the ones you called family or how about your friends did you lost them as well? Let me tell you that i have and every last second of my being is scratching, clawing and screaming at me for it. But what if i told you that there was no other way? What if that mistake was not a mistake but a choice you made to save your friends, family, comrades and especially the one you love most? What if you had not made the choice to do what you did everyone you knew would have perish? Now i'm not saying that i regret what i did because if given the choice i would have don it over and over and over again no matter how many times it kill
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 22 11
Getting this out of my chest
Ok guys I don't know if someone will read this but if you do please don't make the same mistake as me ok. First let me start with that I'm 18 years old and I'm a little chubby if you can call it that, I am studying how to design video games and I'm doing good for now but that's not the problem you see ever since I have entered that university I almost got run down in the middle of the street because some girl wanted to say hi to a boy that ironically enough is a friend and they did not care ( some friend right) but then I was like ok it doesn't matter it was an accident right well that's not all not only that happened but you know when you feel sad or down for no reason right that's when your supposed friends finally show there true colors and stave you in the back well that happened and you know it hurt me because I'm a simple guy I don't ask for much just a simple hello that's all I ask for but that's to much for them but when they need you that's when you are there best fucking frie
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 0 3
Strange Things Sensei! M/Reader x Naruko Chap 3
Ok guys this is chapter three and i want to say say sorry for the delay but here it is so enjoy.
    (M/N PoV)
No No you are doing it wrong, i told you, you have to concentrate your chakra to your fist, then when you throw a punch you expel your chakra out words right on the time you are about to punch you
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 18 5
The Goddess+The Knight M/Reader x Satsuki Kiryuin
    Ok Guys This Is My First Time Written a Kill la Kill Story I Will Tell You Now I Have Only Watched The First Five Episodes Of Kill la Kill So I'm Going To Wing It Ok So I Hope You Like This. 
(M/N)-Male Name
(L/N)-Last Name
(B/F/N)-Best Friend Name 
(E/C)-Eye Color
(H/C)Hair Color
Bold- Shouting
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 31 19
Strange Things Sensei! M/Reader Naruko Chap 2
Ok Here Is Chapter 2 And I Can't Believe That A Lot Of People Liked The Last One I'm Really Surprised And I Feel Really Honored About That You Actually Gave This Story A Chance So Thank You So With Out Any More Delays Lets Rock This Joint
Underline-Mental Talk
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 23 11
Strange Things Male Sensei! Reader x Naruko Chap 1
    Ok Guys Second Story And This is A Sensei x Student then Father x Daughter Story so No The Reader dose not have a relationship with Naruko so on with the story
Shouting-Italic + Bold

 (Reader PoV)
    Ok So let me see if i get this right.....You Stole Two Cans of Paint, Colored The Hokage Face Mountain and no one notice until you finished then you out ran the ANBU for Two Hours and You only got Caught because you allowed it and now you are telling me your Sensei Hatake-san put an idiot to teach you how to water walk???? I Asked the whiskered girl while she scratch the back of her head with a cheeky grin on her face
    That Seams about right...So Will You Teach Me (L/N)-Sensei??? She asked while Looking at me with those
:iconyugiohcardmaker21:YUGIOHCARDMAKER21 28 35

Random Favourites

Solving the Problem
Solving the Problem (MaleReader X VampireBelarus)
You could see your breath fogging up the car window. It must have been as cold as you thought. The ride seemed like it would take forever until finally you arrived at a huge mansion in the middle of this frozen forest.
"Looks like the setting for one of Mr. King's books" you grinned. The car rolled to a stop as you open the door and step out into the cold. "Your bags sir" an equally cold lithuanian handed you your things. "Thanks for the ride Toris I'd be lost without you man" you shook his hand gave him a hug and headed for the house but before you took ten steps a large russian stood in your path.
" ____________! I'm so glad you came" he took your hand in both of his and shook it excitedly. "It's good to see you too Ivan" you smiled, Ivan was a good friend to have, always a smile on his face, probably from all the vodka, but you trusted him sorta, he trusted you and you both loved your drinking contests. "Lets get out of this snow, da
:iconeverbodylies88:EverbodyLies88 147 45
Eternal Devotion
Male.Butler.Reader   X  Vampire.Hungary
You had been working for Miss. Hedervary as her personal butler for quite some time now. What started as just a simple part time job after you graduated high school now turned into a full blown career which you enjoyed far more then you had originally thought. Now why you would be interested in being an actual butler to someone was because of who you were serving, and that who was Mrs. Elisabeth Hedervary one of the most beautiful women you'd ever seen.
When you first started working she was rather cold but polite and after the first six months she seemed to warm up to you, calling you by your first name, thanking you and even helping you with your duties. You hated to admit it but you had fallen for her, of course you assumed this wasn't allowed since you were just her servant and she was a few years older then you and she probably didn't have any feelings for you.
But you stayed by her side even moving into her large mansion in one of
:iconeverbodylies88:EverbodyLies88 175 32
Demon and Goddess (Mikasa x Demon!Male!Reader)
My Goddess (Mikasa x Demon male reader)re edit
by CHEIFACHU, Feb 16, 2015, 9:12:20 PM
Part 1: Worship a women in bed
Read the Fucking title, @CHEIFACU made this not me, I'm just posting this for him and re editing
Name:{Full Name}
Alias:The Rebel Demon, Aiden Friedhelm
Age:Unknown but appears 16
Hair color and length: {H/L/C}
eye color:when calm {E/C} when fighting bloodshot crimson, when in angered and sinister combat mode, black
Appearance: you're tall and strong and have a muscular build and pale skin. You wear all black clothing, a black short sleeve shirt with black pants and boots, along with black gloves and a Black cloak, you can shape-shift into an animal or your true form.
{Third Person POV}
The Year is 700 and you were born to a unknown family, who are they you ask? They're demons, yes demons, the devils helper and Satan's a
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 153 55
Request: Blake Belladonna x (Male! Or Fem!) Reader
    I walk through the halls of Beacon alone like I normally do. It’s not that I don’t have friends or that I’m antisocial. I to take the long route to my classes and most people want to get to their class on time. The teachers hate me for my tendency to be tardy...but they would never dare kick me out of Beacon. My dad is practically the sole funder of the place. If I get kicked out, they’ll lose his precious money. And we all know how much people love money.
    I think the class started four or five minutes ago...oh well. I walk into my classroom as soon as I get there, easily interrupting the instructor. The old guy doesn’t even notice until the door slams shut behind me. He sends me some snide remark, but I don’t bother listening to him. I don’t even really want to be here. All of the kids in the room watch me--many of them glaring--as I make my way to the back of the class. It’s not like I need their
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 232 19
Cantarella (ZeldaxInfamous!Male! Reader)
A/n: See description for key.
    The T/n (ex: The Servant of Evil) is actually a created character made by me, Y/n L/n. The T/n is a mask that covers my identity, he wears a (outfit info here). He speaks Engrish so it could hide my actual accent and voice. Me and the theif wields a silver katana and a small dagger, usually we use the dagger but when it gets ugly, we use the katana. If it gets even uglier, we would have no choice but to escape.
    Today I was kicking bandit butt in my favorite shop where all the ladies go to shop for groceries or whatever. As I finished the job, the lady that owns the shop thanks me and as a reward: I can take what ever I want in the shop--but for now I just took some wine and a rose, of course I left a notecard that was in shape of my symbol in replacement of the wine. I was about to leave until the dang knights of Hyrule came. Grabbing the lady's hand I asked if there was another exit other than the entrance itself, she told me t
:iconfourswordsfan6:FourSwordsFan6 64 19
[PCM] CUTE boyfriend [1/10]
                                                                                                                        I just wanted to let you know...        
                                                                                                                            You're super fucking cute.

:iconitsubaru:itsubaru 31 3
Goku x Female!Reader (Diversion)
My hands gently press on Gohan’s back, smiling gently at the young boy. He’d just witnessed one of his friends die by Frieza’s hands…and I’m now determined more than ever to destroy this tyrant. Goku is sitting there in shock, frozen to the spot. “Gohan. Take Piccolo and get to the ship. I’ll take care of your father and keep Frieza occupied.” The young boy regards me, obviously thinking it over. My eyes turn serious. “Gohan. Go.” He nods and picks up the Namekian, beginning to float away. I walk up beside Goku and see Frieza take aim at the young boy, a grin on his face. I growl, my eyes flashing golden for a moment before I appear beside him, slamming my foot into Frieza’s head, knocking him aside. Gohan stops to look back as I trade blows with the Ice-Jin. I pause in my dodging to yell at the kid. “Gohan, go! Don’t look back just go!” Frieza’s fist slams into my stomach and then my chin, clangi
:iconinuwritercor-976:InuwriterCor-976 111 64
(Kaneki x Ghoul!Reader) Immortals
(A/N: GUESS WHO JUST FINISHED WATCHING BH6??? God, I am so emotional about this movie hng ALTERNATIVE TITLE: Infiltration SETTING: Kaneki is back in Anteiku after Aogiri Arc, investigators are looking out for large fluctuations in ghoul activity in 20th Ward, Amon is looking for Rabbit and Eye-Patch AKA Kaneki. Kaneki dyed his hair black and decided to stay safe under the protection of Anteiku and you, with his newly found strength unpredictable.) 
They say we are what we are
"The ghouls must be exterminated, and our top priority is the mass amount of dangerous ghouls gathering in the 20th Ward. Something big is going to happen, and we need to send out more personnel ASAP!" The head boss of the CCG yelled, receiving various grunts and yells of agreements from the assortment of investigators. 
But we don't have to be
You sat boredly between Amon and Juuzou, your legs kicked up beside Juuzou's on the desk, picking at the dirt beneath your nails. You sighed at the
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 472 41
Mature content
Farewell Song [Male!Reader/Mikasa Ackermann] :iconitsubaru:itsubaru 59 31
For Real now!? [Ryuko Matoi/Male!Reader]
WARNING. This Story isn't really meant to be taken seriously, it tends to be ooc for the Canon Characters, and stupid if you read it. You have been warned.
Blinking in confusion, [e/c] orbs glanced at a certain raven haired female, smiling a little when he noticed to one red streak in her hair. However his smile vanished from his face when he saw just how Red the others Face was. Raising one Hand to put it against her forehead to check if she had fever, [Male!Name] remained completely oblivious to the actual reason why her usually pale face had suddenly lit up like this. It wasn't like seeing naked men, or well, in this case half-naked men wasn't a (sadly) usual part of her life. But this was different, the other half-naked men didn't matter a lot to her. This male however, in fact, was one of her good friends and of course her face would heat up.
At this point let me mention a small thing, [Male!Name] was rather... innocent to say it like this. He never took off his clot
:iconschattenherr:schattenherr 73 22
The Unknown [Celty x Reader]
| celty sturluson x reader |
| Author's Note |
Please go and watch my new account "another-reynie-day" which is where I will be uploading new deviations and reuploading.
Banking a sharp turn, the Dullahan subconsciously flexed her gloved fingers around the grips of her bike, her thoughts drifting lazily, something that wasn't usual of her, but had become so as of late. At first she had tread warily, always hesitant, the sentiment was unfamiliar and the lack of concentration was a manifestation of it, eventually she had become used to it. Still, it mildly frustrated her was that there was little that unsettled the human, but for her, the opposite was true.
The human.  
The small illusions of grandeur others wore proudly that you did not adorn, if anything the obfuscating cheerfulness served enough to disguise the sharp glint of intelligence shining in your eyes, and she had not
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 113 25
Mature content
Erza Scarlet x Male!Reader One-Shot :icondeersdonteatbabies:Deersdonteatbabies 100 4
Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Infected!Reader) Ch 4
 Ok, so pretty much the whole story is going to be your point of view from now on...
 "Ok," Dana said, scrolling through the pages on her computer. "There's a lot of Blackwatch Scientific teams going at Hives. I think one of those people might know McMullen. If they do, you'll be able to get access on how to find him."
 "And he'll give me the information on what happened to me," Alex said. "Sounds like no problem to me."
 "Ok, get to it then," Dana said. "Well...are you bringing her?"
 "Of course I am," Alex said. "She might as well get her answers for this as well. It's not her fault that this virus is consuming everyone and she happens to be caught in the middle with me."
 "You act like I'm not here," I huffed. "We're just teasing," Alex laughed, punching me in the arm. "Ow!"
 "Shoo! Off!" Dana said, swaying her arms at us. "I don't want you guys to start fighting and there be blood on the carpet..."
 We went b
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 49 7
Fairy Tail Erza X Reader
                            Fairy tail Erza X Reader
                          A knight to serve the queen
The power of Erza Scarlet is known through the land of fiore and being the strongest women in fairy tail, she has earned her the nickname Titania the queen of the fairies. Though she cares little for the nickname or how people see her as a mage for this red-haired warrior only care in life is her guild which she will protect with her life.
However she is not the only mage in fiore to make this their goal in life. For from the guild of Titian Nose came you. A requip magic mage much like Erza, you came to the Titian Nose guild a mage looking for your place in the kingdom and you found it here thanks to the guild master, Tina Titian.
A small middle-aged women with silver long hair and crystal blue eyes, she showed you the rope of being a mage in fiore
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 224 31
Fire Emblem Awakening Panne X Reader
Fire Emblem: Panne X Tactician reader
I want to be your family
The battles had been hard on your forces what with the seemingly endless enemies always coming at you from every direction you look. Yet today as the morning sun began to climb into the blue sky not a soul comes near the camp. No bandit or even merchant looking to sell their wares, nothing but peace as the camps inhabitants slowly awaking one by one from their nights sleep like ants from an ant hill. Dressed and awaiting their orders from the their commander, you too stand outside your tent awaiting the commander arrival. You are no solider however in this army but the tactician of this army and you could see the war had shown no mercy to anyone around you. What with endless night attacks from risen and bandits trying to stealing what they could from the camp, you stand there wondering how you could perhaps lessen these attacks before suddenly a loud calm voice shout catches your attention from none other than your commande
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 54 12
Fairy Tail Reader X Kagura Mikazuchi
Fairy tail
Reader X Kagura Mikazuchi
The Stern Princess and The Dragon Slayer
The recent rumour of the real thunder dragon slayer being found sends waves of wonder and excitement to all the guild in the land. Many mages thought Laxus of fairy tail was the real deal however this rumour proved differently. Of course such a mage would make an excellent addition to any guild making the guilds of the kingdom of fiore begin a man hunt for this dragon slayer including the all female guild of mermaid heel.
"I understand master. I will bring you this slayer."
The words of Kagura Mikazuchi before she begins her search for the dragon slayer.This ace of mermaid heel and legendary sword women of the mermaid heel is a young, slim, large-busted woman with long straight black hair that falls to the middle of her back and cut in the traditional Japanese princess style is the scout for mermaid heel in the hunt for the dragon slayer. Donning an elaborate white blazer with gold lining with a large collar
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 90 21


Hey guys and Girls Yugiohcardmake21 here and I want to ask of you if any one can beta read my storys when I'm working on them because I for one am not an expert writer and some times I feel like what I'm writing is not good enough and I make a lot of mistakes so yeah if anyone wants to help me just send me a not please and thanks


YUGIOHCARDMAKER21's Profile Picture
Henoch Villanueva
Puerto Rico
I really don't know how to put a bio of myself together so here are my likes: Drawing, Video games, music, reading, and wasting time on YouTube.

I have an Xbox account so if you want to play just message me at NarutoFox21.


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